New Life for Clubhouse Dune


To characterize Dune Acres’ Clubhouse Dune as special place would be an understatement. The nineteen-acre sand dune is the tallest in the quiet lakeside community and among the most imposing on Indiana’s Lake Michigan shoreline. It is the town’s geographic, municipal, and social center,…

Where There’s Smoke There’s Prescribed Fire

NPS burn2

If you were anywhere near Dune Acres on Monday, November 9th, you undoubtedly witnessed the rising smoke that signaled the planned prescribed burn to the south and east of the town was underway.

Lions and Lynxes and Bears (Oh My!)

black bear (Ursus americanus)

In light of the recent sightings of a black bear in LaPorte county, near Michigan City, it’s interesting to consider the many animals that have lived in the Indiana Dunes through the years. A little research yields an eclectic list of critters.

An Early Snow(y) in the Dunes?

Snowy Owl

Many folks don’t associate snowy owls (Bubo scandiacus) with Indiana, but the Dunes are the best place in the state to see these majestic birds.