Lady Slipper Orchids, Carnivorous Plants, & More

SPECIAL VEGETATION is a boutique nursery dedicated to propagating and growing lady's-slipper orchids of the genus Cypripedium. According to some authorities, the name Cypripedium comes from two Greek words: Kypris, the goddess of love and beauty, and podion, meaning little foot or slipper. By whatever derivation, lady's-slipper orchids are singularly beautiful—certainly among the most striking of our native wildflowers.

In our store, you'll find other hardy orchids, too—wetland species like grass pinks (Calopogon tuberosus), and woodlanders like downy rattlesnake plantain (Goodyera pubescens). We also offer a choice selection of carnivorous plants, and a growing list of hard-to-find companion plants.

small yellow lady slipper orchid

Lady Slipper & Other Native Orchids

Cold-hardy, terrestrial orchid species, primarily those native to Eastern North America.

Liliu philadelphicum (WOOD LILY) in bloom.

Companion Plants

A range of plants-to-compliment, from woodland favorites to species you're unlikely to find elsewhere.

Drosera intermedia, sundew

Carnivorous Plants

Plants that bite back—hardy pitcher plants, sundews, and Venus flytraps. There's more in the pipeline, too.

PCR-1 copy

Everything Else

Orchid-growing supplies, plus one-of-a-kind offerings including uncommon monographs, floras, and more.

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Never Wild-collected.

Did you know that many native orchids offered for sale online have been dug from the wild or even poached? This is especially true of those found at "bargain" prices on popular auction websites. Unfortunately, most orchid species resent disturbance and are doomed to a quick decline once transplanted to the home garden.

SPECIAL VEGETATION offers a high-quality, sustainable alternative. We employ micropropagation techniques to produce our plants. This is a time-intensive and complex process, but it yields plants with exceptional vigor and excellent genetic diversity. 

Read Our Story

Learn how Special Vegetation grew from our personal passion to restore lady slipper orchids to their native haunts.

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