Native Cypripedium Orchids (lady's-slippers)

Depending on species and available stock, we offer native Cypripedium orchids in several sizes, from recently deflasked seedlings to fully mature, multi-stemmed plants. The photos below provide a general idea of what you can expect at each stage of growth. The number of growth buds, or shoots, often corresponds to the age and size of the plant.

There are many factors that influence the growth rate and flowering of hardy lady's-slippers, including exposure, nutrient availability, and irrigation. We offer some guidance to help you succeed on our Cultural Information page.

Immature, Single-Shoot Plant

Developing, Single-Shoot Plant

generally 2-3 years out-of-flask with at least one shoot

two-shoot orchid

Near Blooming-Size, Two-Shoot Plant

generally 3-5 years out-of-flask with at least two shoots

three-shoot orchid

Blooming-Size, Three-Shoot Plant

generally 5+ years out-of-flask with three or more shoots

Brandon Jones:USFWS

Multi-Stemmed or Mature Plant

plants that have flowered in our nursery

Calopogon and Pogonia

These delicate bog orchids are available in blooming size bulbs and rhizomes. At our nursery, we find that 80-90% of Calopogon (grass pink) bulbs bear flowers in the current year. Pogonia rhizomes can produce flowers in the current year or may require an additional year or more to mature.

Unless you have naturally wet or boggy conditions, you will likely be growing these in containers or in an artificial bog garden. See our Cultural Information page for additional information.


Calopogon tuberosus

blooming-size corms, generally 2-3 years out-of-flask


Pogonia ophioglossoides

bare root rhizomes, generally 2 years + out-of-flask

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