Lilium michiganense (MICHIGAN LILY)


Michigan Lily is a real show-stopper. Seldom offered for sale, this native to the Midwest and Great Lakes states thrives in the home garden and is an excellent pollinator plant, attracting hummingbirds as well as large butterflies and moths.

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Lovely, durable, and delicate. Michigan lily is the Queen of the North … and rules the Midwest and Great Lakes states, too. Lilium michiganense thrives in a range of mesic to wet-mesic conditions — wet-mesic prairies, fens, low woods, lake and pond edges, even in roadside ditches. Michigan Lily is easy and adaptable in the home garden, too, growing best in rich soil in full sun or open shade. Its vibrant orange-red flowers are borne on tall stems, creating a grand exclamation point in the perennial border or in naturalized settings.

We’ve seen this beauty growing with soapwort gentians and also with large yellow lady’s-slipper orchids. Breathtaking!

For a wonderfully detailed description, visit the Illinois Wildflowers site.

Medium size plants can be purchased singly or in discounted groups of three or five. These are well-developed plants growing in 2.5″ deep pots. Some plants have flowered in the nursery, others may be expected to flower in the coming season or two. These may be shipped in their pots or as dormant bulbs (corms).

Our large plants are robust plants, generally grown in 1 gallon containers, that have flowered for at least one year in the nursery. These will be shipped as dormant bulbs (corms).

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