Pogonia ophioglossoides (ROSE POGONIA)


This charming little orchid grows in sphagnum bogs and other peaty places. We grow Rose Pogonia in mini-bogs and even self-watering containers. It’s unfussy as long as its soil is kept moist with rain or distilled water and will spread nicely in the right conditions. Perfect as a companion for Sarracenia sp. and other bog plants.

We are offering lab-propagated plants that are third year out-of-flask and grown for a full season in 2.5″ pots. The plants will have at least one shoot, but because they expand vegetively, likely more. Plants of a similar size/age have flowered in our nursery.

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Height: 20 – 25 cm
Color: petals and sepals pink, rarely white; lip matching
Season: June to late July (Great Lakes region)
Habitat: sphagnum bogs, fens, wet sand flats, mesic and wet-mesic sand prairies
Exposure: open and sunny
Associates: In bogs with Drosera sp. (sundew), Calopogon tuberosus (grass pink), Osmunda spectabilis (royal fern), Andromeda glaucophylla (bog rosemary), Larix laricina (America larch), Sarracenia purpurea (norther pitcher plant) and other sphagnum bog denizens; In prairie fens and marly places with Carex buxbaumii (Buxbaum’s sedge), Lobelia kalmii (Kalm’s Lobelia), Hypericum kalmianum (Kalm’s St. John’s wort), and others.

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2.5" pot

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