Rhus aromatica var. arenaria (DUNELAND SUMAC)


This is the true Duneland sumac, which is native to the foredunes and sandy savannas adjacent to southern Lake Michigan. While the ground-hugging sumac cultivar, Rhus aromatica ‘Gro-Lo,’ has become a somewhat ubiquitous staple of the landscape trade, our species is a charming, mound-forming sub-shrub. The leaves are glossy green and emit a strong, not unpleasant, smell when crushed. The flowers are an inconspicuous green followed by brilliant fuzzy red berries. The fall color is outstanding—a fiery mix of reds and oranges that can’t be beat.

We’re offering Duneland sumac in two sizes: strong, second-year seedlings in 2.5″ containers; and extra-large, third-year plants grown in 2-liter containers.

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2 liter, 2.5" pot

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