Sarracenia purpurea var. purpurea (NORTHERN PITCHER PLANT)


Northern pitcher plant grows primarily in bogs and other wet, often acidic places. Its native range extends from Canada south to Pennsylvania and New Jersey and east to northern Indiana, Illinois and Minnesota. It is bone hardy (to Zone 2) and often turns a brilliant red-purple with the onset of cold weather. Mature plants will send-up deep red blossoms early in the year, that are really quite captivating. These are followed by new traps and maturing seed pods later in the summer. Pitcher plants prefer full sun and relatively cool temps. We grow our pitcher plants in artificial bog gardens using a 1:1 mix of peat moss and medium perlite, topped with live sphagnum moss. See our info page for more growing instructions.

This year, we are offering second-year, open-pollinated seedlings from our nursery collection. These are juvenile plants, suitable for container culture or as starts for a bog garden. They generally have at least one large pitcher and several smaller pitchers. They will require several years to reach flowering size, but the awesome and fascinating pitchers will tide you over until then!


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2.5" pot

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